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Friday, 18 November 2005
Time Presenter(s)   Event
02:00  Curtis Bonk    Blended Learning: Frameworks, Models, Stories, and Examples  
Instead of debating the costs and benefits of online learning, many educators are now exploring ways to blend e-learning technologies and environments. There is both extensive confusion and much optim .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
05:00  Amir H. Soheili-Mehr 
Kimberly A. MacDonald
  Introducing Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for Non-Native English Speaking Teachers (NNESTs) : A WebQuest  
The aim of this workshop is threefold. First, to introduce the benefits of one Internet authoring tool known as a “WebQuest”. Second, to provide Non-Native English Speaking Teachers (NNESTs) with prac .. [+]
Venue: Worldbridges
08:00  David Nunan    English Language Teaching: Current Trends, Challenges and Internet solutions  
Abstract: The aim of this presentation is to look at some key trends in language teaching, to present the challenges offered by these trends, and to suggest some solutions to these challenges that are .. [+]
Venue: Alado
11:00  Joy Egbert    The end of CALL and how to achieve it.  
Dr. Egbert's talk will be assisted by her colleagues in Turkey and will focus on goals/purposes for CALL and discussion of how to meet them. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
13:00  Pablo Cancelo    Enhancing Speech recognition in ESL through XML databases  
When multimedia developers intend to introduce speech recognition in their systems, In the outcome, difficulties may arise in two ways. Systems may not perform as expected due the fact that learners a .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
14:00  Curtis Bonk    OOPS, Did I mean to share that: Opensource, Opencourseware, and the learning objects of tomorrow  
Abstract: During the past two decades, technology in education has evolved through various movements and metaphors including using technology to “enhance” the curriculum, “extend” the curriculum, and .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
16:00  Chris Jones    Live Interviews in Voice Chat with Intermediate ESL Students  
The presenter will begin by listing the benefits for intermediate ESL students who speak in live interviews using voice chat. Next she will explain how the interviews are done in Yahoo Messenger. Then .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
17:00  Uwe Klemm    Wiki in the EFL Classroom: Filmanalysis and creative writing  
The presenter will try to show that Wiki can be a very useful tool for the EFL classroom. Basing on some classroom experiences with Wiki projects, the presenter will explain the usage of Mediawiki as .. [+]
18:00  Dave Sperling    Dave's ESL Cafe: A Reflection on a Decade of Building an Online Community  
Dave Sperling will discuss the creation and evolution of his popular website, Dave's ESL Cafe, focusing on the challenges he faced building and managing a large online community.  [+]
19:00  Joel Bloch    Technology in the L2 Composition Classroom  
This presentation will discuss five key issues related to the use of technology in L2 composition classrooms: 1) Theoretical concerns in the usage of technology, 2) technology literacy and print lite .. [+]
Venue: Tapped in
20:00  Matt Wasowski    Take the next step beyond your Course Management System  
This session will explore when and how to collaborative tools in conjunction with your CMS to make a more engaging online learning environment, while also looking at what effective classroom practices .. [+]
Venue: Horizon Wimba
21:00  Dafne Gonzalez 
Leticia Esteves
  Enhancing collaboration through chat in ESP: A conversation analysis  
Chat rooms are ideal spaces for interaction, collaboration and negotiation of meaning, crucial aspects in language learning. However, they have not been fully exploited in language teaching. This st .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
22:00  Robert     Connecting Online: Cybraries and Cybrarians  
Ted Nellen will join ElderBob Brannan for a simulcast discussion about Cybraries and Cybrarians. This session will be a part of a week long exploration about the Web 2.0 at [+]
23:00  Jeff Cooper  
David Weksler
  Tapped In: Professional Educator's Collaborative  
Educators are inundated with a variety of options regarding how to use the Internet (and related expensive educational software) in their classroom. However, the most important and often overlooked re .. [+]
Saturday, 19 November 2005
Time Presenter(s)   Event
00:00  Renata Suzuki  
Karen Garcia
  Threads of Reflection: Teacher Blogs in Action  
This roundtable advances the use of reflective teacher blogs beyond narratives of teacher experience to focus on interactive classroom management modes based on an expanded 'blog-classroom loop' (Suz .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
02:00  Robert Brannan 
(See list of guest interviewees)
  Connecting Online: Web 2.0 Smorgasborg -Tools of Web 2.0  
Elder Bob Brannan proposes to host a forum to define and review some of the tools that have come to be known as "Tools of Web 2.0". This presentation will be a part of a week long collaboration invol .. [+]
Venue: Worldbridges
04:00  Jeong-Bae Son 
Thang Siew Ming
Vance Stevens and Andrew Lian
  Panel Discussion: ICT and design, implementation and evaluation of e-learning  
With the advance of information and communication technology (ICT) and the growth of interest in the use of the Internet for education, language teachers are now working in new online environments. In .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
05:00  Candace Pauchnick 
Yaodong Chen
  Live-web Conference Between Students.  
Two presenters will share an exciting and eventful live-web conference, that happened in May, 2005, between students in China and the U.S. A PowerPoint presentation will give guidelines as to how th .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
06:00  John Clayton    Web based survey techniques and procedures  
The growth of connected computing technologies has meant Internet-based surveying is becoming more widely used in Social Science research and educational institutions. It has been argued the Web offer .. [+]
09:00  Arnold Mühren    Setting up Classroom Enquiry Workspaces in Moodle  
Arnold Mühren will begin his talk by inviting participants to think out loud about the potential of classroom enquiry/research as a means for teachers to become better professionals.There will be talk .. [+]
Venue: Alado
11:00  Daniel Bassill    Creating a Network of Purpose: The Tutor/Mentor Connection  
The presenter will explain the networking, knowledge sharing and elearning concepts of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and show how people from multiple loactions can contribute and benefit from participa .. [+]
Venue: Alado
12:00  Anne Fox 
Laura Llobet
  Teaching Culture! A multi-national blended course for teachers of adults in Europe  
Is it possible to train inter-cultural competences in a blended learning course? The presenters will explain some of the challenges in building a course for an international group of participants who .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
13:00  Ton Koenraad    Task design for Network-based language teaching  
The EU-Project 'Moderating Intercultural Communication and Language Learning'(MICaLL) aims to promote (student) teachers’ competences for network-based language teaching. Participants’ awareness of th .. [+]
Venue: Alado
14:00  Soraya Halfaoui    The Construction of Social Identity in a CMC Context: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of an Algerian Context  
The age of information through which Algeria is being progressively immersed-- best evidenced by the introduction of the internet-- is acting like a battering ram against traditional social and cult .. [+]
Venue: Alado
15:00  Randall Davis    The role of multimedia content on the Web and how to create it.  
Abstract: As Internet access expands to even more remote places around the world, more and more learners are going online with the hope of improving their language skills, particularly in the areas of .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
16:00  Graham Stanley    Interactive Listening Mazes  
The Interactive Listening Maze (ILM) is an adaptation of the popular interactive reading maze activity which involves students in choosing options in order to follow the path through a story or dilemm .. [+]
Venue: Tapped in
17:00  Teresa Almeida d'Eça    Going global with the Webheads in Action  
The presenter will show the relevancy to her career of the 8-week online "Webheads in Action" training workshop to explore Web-based communication tools, use them hands on collaboratively with colleag .. [+]
Venue: Alado
18:00  Susana Trabaldo 
Peggy Patterson
  Negotiating for Meaning Across Borders with CMC  
The presenters will begin by explaining to the audience their experience in the use of Computer Mediated Communication in a Tandem Language Learning project. Fifty students of Spanish in the USA exch .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
19:00  Ismail Fayed    Using Online Facilitation to Encourage Students Participation in Collaborative Projects: Good Deeds iEARN Project in Action  
Encouraging students to participate in meaningful collaborative projects is an important element in the learning process of our students. This importance stems from the facts that it involves students .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
20:00  Chris Jones    Live Interviews in Voice Chat with Intermediate ESL Students  
The presenter will begin by listing the benefits for intermediate ESL students who speak in live interviews using voice chat. Next she will explain how the interviews are done in Yahoo Messenger. Then .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
21:00  Meena Singhal 
Walid Sabbagh
  Script-O! - An Online Tool to Create Web-Based Activities and Quizzes  
Script-O! Pro is a powerful program embracing the concept of creative control. It allows users to create customized web-based quizzes designed around their own course materials. This presentation desc .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
22:00  Rubena St. Louis    Encouraging student independence in FL learning  
One of the most important challenges facing foreign language teachers is that of making our students self sufficient, autonomous learners who can mangage their own learning and survive outside the she .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
23:00  Barbara Dieu 
Aaron Campbell
Rudolf Ammann
  P2P weblogging in EFL/ESL and the Dekita.org project  
This online synchronous presentation will briefly introduce the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) concept and how it can be translated to our EFL/ESL environment using pedagogical approaches that are process-oriente .. [+]
Venue: Alado
Sunday, 20 November 2005
Time Presenter(s)   Event
01:00  Karen Garcia 
Renata Suzuki
  Making a time capsule with the webhead's vision and mission on this first convergence  
As we meet for our first "webheads convergence” we face a significant mark in our timeline worth documenting. Our first formal meeting offers a significant opportunity for us to reflect about who we .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
02:00  Jessica Montgomerie  
Thomas Leverett
  This is your class on weblogs  
This session will show how teachers can use weblogs in a language program, and deals with some of the issues that arise when they do. The presenters teach in an ESL program where every student is ask .. [+]
Venue: Tapped in
04:00  Buthaina Al-Othman 
Rita Zeinstejer
  The Skype Worldbridges Project for EFL in Different Cultures: Argentina and Kuwait  
This presentation focuses on the general concept and benefits of multliteracies, and ways to implement it in the EFL/ESL classroom, using collaborative teacher-student web-based project approach. .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
06:00  Thomas Leverett  
Jessica Montgomerie
  This is your class on weblogs  
This session will show how teachers can use weblogs in a language program, and deals with some of the issues that arise when they do. The presenters teach in an ESL program where every student is ask .. [+]
Venue: Tapped in
09:00  Ruth Vilmi    Language learning through global communication: a dozen years of people-to-people interaction  
The IWE is the best known of the DiscussIt communicative language learning courses, and is run totally on-line. It is suitable for classes of students with their own teacher, as well as for self-study .. [+]
10:00  Nicky Hockly 
Gavin Dudeney
  Making IT, or Faking IT?  
Whilst those of us involved in the use of ICT in teaching and training meet regularly at f2f and online conferences to compare notes and deliver virtual pats on the back to each other, the rest of the .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
11:00  Andrew Pincon 
Dr. Clarisse Croteau-Chonka
  Online High Growth Industry Workforce Training  
The Digital Workforce Education Society (DWES) and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) have established adult education programs for the training of employees and mid level managers of US industries experi .. [+]
Venue: Alado
12:00  John Hibbs 
Bruce Girard, Bonnie Bracey,
Stephen Downes, Arun Mehta
  A Sixty Minute Conversation Designed to Substantially Increase Audience Size and Participation  
This will be a sixty minutes of hard brainstorming by The Dublin Bunch. The focus of it will be to develop ideas leading to the goal of very .. [+]
Venue: Worldbridges
13:00  Vance Stevens    Converging on the Bridges across Cyberspace  
Convergence wrapup during Webheads regular noon Sunday GMT chat [+]
Venue: Learning Times
14:00  Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith 
Mike Marzio
  Video Online: Prospects and Community  
The presenters will demonstrate videos that have been created recently as well as video-based exercises created with both Hot Potatoes and DreamWeaver. Participants will be invited to explore sever .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
15:00  Jeff Lebow 
Dave Cormier
  Ed Tech Talk Show  
This is the regular weekly Sunday 14:00 GMT webcast of the Ed Tech Talk Show at http://edtechtalk.com/ [+]
Venue: Worldbridges
16:00  Dongping Zheng 
Robert Brewer
Michael Young
  English Language learning in a Game-based Multi-User Virtual Environment: Quest Atlantis Connects Middle School Students in China to the World  
The presentation will begin by describing a multi-user virtual environment (MUVE)and its affordances for English language learning for middle school level students. Evidences of language acquisition .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
17:00  Robert     Connecting Online: Searching, Folksonomy, Tagging and Social Networks  
Elder Bob Brannon proposes to host a week long pre-conference forum and collaboration on the Knowplace.ca Moodle, and culminate in an hour long live webcast of some kind, entitled "Web 2.0 Smorgasbord .. [+]
Venue: Worldbridges
18:00  Elaine Hoter 
Harry Markowicz
  Joining the hearing and Deaf communities  
Intercultural writing projects are not easy to organize, but what if you do this across countries where one population is deaf, the other hearing, both come from different religious as well as cultura .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
19:00  David Winet    Free and Low-cost Realtime Online Teaching Tools  
The presenter will describe some of the free and low-cost webconferencing solutions available to online educators for real-time classes, including Chatterbox, Alado, LiveConferencePro and Socrates, pl .. [+]
Venue: KeynoteConference Room
20:00  Susan Bates    Webheads Sharing Session in Breeze  
Join Webheads in a discussion on Cool Online Teaching Techniques. Topics will include Interactive Communication with Breeze, Webcam and Text Chat with Yahoo Messenger, Creating Partnerships with Class .. [+]
Venue: Breeze
21:00  Geoffrey Cain    Creating Community With Blogs  
This presentation discusses the strengths and weaknesses of blogs, the kind of instruction used to get the students started, the use of rubrics and best practices used for blogging in a community coll .. [+]
Venue: Learning Times
22:00  Heike Philp 
Moira Hunter
  With Webcam and Headset – Europe is Learning Languages Live Online  
On June 15, 2005 the European Commission granted approval for the development project LANCELOT in the framework of LEONARDO DA VINCI, Language Competence II. A total of 23 partners in 8 European count .. [+]
Venue: WebTrain Communications


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